European HEALTH & SPA AWARD 2024

The closing gala will take place in June in Austria!

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Criteria for Evaluation



The entries will be assessed on the basis of defined criteria, which is in the form of a point system. All submissions will be handled confidentially during the jury process.

The nine criteria groups are as follow

  • Design and Technique: Architectural Innovation, Technical Facilities (spa, wellness, fitness area, etc), Technological Innovation.

  • Health: Are there recognizable concepts for health benefit . They  have also put into practice  and in use for the clients. (This can be e.g. movement, nutrition, meditation or from cosmetic etc. too.)

  • Offers & Services: Diversity, creativity, innovation. How are offers & services modulated on the client.

  • Benefits: Productivity and efficiency, revenue increases, organizational improvements. First benefits for the clients.

  • Economic efficiency: Economic figures of the hotels and spas as well as of the products.

  • Sustainability: Ecological master plan linked with longterm measures, security and strength of the company in the market, opening of new markets, new distribution channels, new target groups, sustainability of the products offered.

  • Creativity: Innovative products and services, creativeness and innovativeness of the company, original appraisal of customer needs.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Tourism companies have social responsibility. CSR means to integrate economic, social and ecological objectives into the business strategy of a company. It is about transparency in communication and about the balancing of interests of the various stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, neighbours and other interest groups.

  • Anonymous testing: Mystery Check or anonymous test of the spa, thermal resort, medical center, treatments resp. products.