European HEALTH & SPA AWARD 2024

The closing gala will take place in June in Austria!

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Two different certificates


European Health & Spa (Sustainable) Quality (EHSQ) Certificate

The EHSQ umbrella brand includes various certifiable quality seals that apply to different sub-markets in the health, medical, tourism and hotel sectors.

1. EHSQ Spa with focus on the tourism wellness and spa industry.

2. EHSQ Wellness Clinic with a focus on

  • Tourist establishments (hotels, spas, etc.) with overnight accommodation and a clear focus on high-quality medical services.
  •  Clinics and special facilities of all kinds (also health cure, spa, rehab) that offer medical services and above-average service quality in their own building or through cooperation with nearby hotels.


1. EHSQ Spa (Sustainable) Certificate – A quality certificate for the spa and wellness industry

Many people wonder what benefits can be taken from the quality management EHSQ (European Health & Spa (Sustainable) Quality). Scientific research in economics and management shows that quality work is not always beneficial for a company, but it can be beneficial if it is done in a right way. We would therefore like to give you a few reasons under which circumstances a quality management certificate makes sense. We derive this knowledge from ten years quality management and certification based on the experience taken from the “European Health & Spa Awards”.

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2. Wellness Clinic Certificate

Successful certification according to EHSQ Wellness Clinic does not replace recognition as a hospital (hospitals of all kinds), it is regarded as an additional certificate for special services with a view to national and international medical and health tourism that places special emphasis on attention, service quality, high-quality buildings and technology as well as outstanding medical quality in the treatment of guests and their fellow travellers.

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