European HEALTH & SPA AWARD 2019

The closing gala will take place in Vienna in June!



European SPA EVENT 2019

The European SPA EVENT: Conference with international experts and exhibition area. Probably September 2019
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Conditions of participation

General information for registration and submission


Each company and participant, who registers, agrees at the time of registration to take part in the submission. We point out that the participation at this time is not free of charge. The participants agree however on the Award Gala to take part if they were nominated. If no person has been sent an organizational fee will be charged of 170,- EUR excl. 20% VAT.

If there is a cancellation of the registration or the submission, the amount of Euro 250.00 excluding 20% VAT for each registered category will be automatically charged by the agency for Health & Wellness for various costs incurred. Just in case if the cancellation only takes place after the anonymous test EUR 500.00 excl. 20% VAT must be paid. May also accrue damage for the Agency for Health & Wellness the amount can be also higher according to the actual amount of loss.

The same amount will be charged if the information supplied is found by an anonymous audit to be different from the actual circumstances or fraudulent, since this would result in a deception of the jury and the actual assessment of value cannot be guaranteed in a fair manner among the other participants. 

The questionnaire, which is an extremely important basis of evaluation, must be filled in completely at least 95% of all questions and a mystery test needs to be performed!

Reading this, you automatically agree to the above mentioned conditions at the time of participation. The place of jurisdiction is Vienna in Austria.