GanadoresGanadores 2021


Los ganadores de los brillantes 2021 en las categorías

There is a special labeling for excellent performance by "Brilliants"!

Spas, Treatments, ProductsSpa Manager
40-50 points4Brilliants35-40 points4Brilliants
37-39 points3Brilliants30-34 points3Brilliants
34-36 points2Brilliants27-29 points2Brilliants
30-33 points1Brilliant25-26 points1Brilliant


Company /  Name  Spa name / Product name Result Brilliants Points
Best Spa Manager
Diana Sicher-Fritsch, MSc Fritsch am Berg GmbH Winner 3 Brilliants 32,75
Dr. (PhD) Petra Herz MERKUR LIFESTYLE GmbH 2nd Place 2 Brilliants 29,24
Alessandra Tiengo FORESTIS Dolomites 3rd Place - Best in Italy 2 Brilliants 27,00
Andrea Haberer Hotel Quelle Nature SPA Resort Nominee 1 Brilliant
Best Destinaition Spa
Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda Lefay SPA Lago di Garda Winner 4 Brilliants 44,25
Preidlhof Spa Destination  Preidl Spa 2nd Place 3 Brilliants 39,69
Best Hotel (Resort) Spa
FORESTIS Dolomites FORESTIS Spa Winner 4 Brilliants 44,34
CERVO Mountain Resort Mountain Ashram Spa 2nd Place - Best in Switzerland 2 Brilliants 36,00
Ortner's Lindenhof ****S eigene Thermalquelle e.K. Quelle der Schönheit & Balance und Quelle der Gesundheit 3rd Place - Best in Germany 2 Brilliants 34,75
Gräflicher Park Health & Balance Resort Garten Spa & Medical Spa Nominee 2 Brilliants
Sporthotel Alpenrose Residenz Wolfgang Kostenzer GmbH Wellnessresidenz Alpenrose Nominee - Best in Austria 1 Brilliant
Wellnesshotel Engel PURE ORGANIC SPA Nominee 1 Brilliant
Quellenhof Luxury Resort Lazise Onda Spa Nominee 1 Brilliant
Best Medical Spa / Best Medical Resort    
VIVAMAYR Altaussee GmbH VIVAMAYR Altaussee Winner 2 Brilliants 36,00
MERKUR LIFESTYLE GmbH MERKUR HEALTH Bad Tatzmannsdorf  2nd Place 2 Brilliants 35,48
Villa Eden The Leading Park Retreat, Tourinvest srl/GmbH Longevity SPA Center 3rd Place - Best in Italy 1 Brilliant 33,13
Best Day Spa  
FACE & BODY GmbH & Co. KG FACE & BODY Day Spa Winner 2 Brilliants 35,03
Best Signature Treatment  
Fritsch am Berg GmbH Before Burnout Winner 4 Brilliants 42,43
Quellenhof Luxury Resort Lazise "Yang Centring Ritual" and "Yin Transformation Ritual" 2nd Place - Best in Italy 3 Brilliants 37,47
FORESTIS Dolomites Baumkreis-Zeremonie 3rd Place 3 Brilliants 37,40
Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti THE PATHS OF THE BLACK TORTOISE: detox, soothing, anti-age Nominee 2 Brilliants
Hotel QUELLE Nature SPA Resort Origin of Nature Nominee 1 Brilliant
Hotel QUELLE Nature SPA Resort Show Aufguss “rock party” Nominee 1 Brilliant
Romantik Hotel Santer Senso Relax Nominee 1 Brilliant
Best Spa Innovation
Preidlhof Luxury Dolce Vita Resort Transformational Wellness Retreats - The Preidlhof Way Winner 4 Brilliants 40,75
Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti Lefay SPA Dolomiti 2nd Place 4 Brilliants 40,13
Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda Lefay SPA "Nourishing Life" Prevention 3rd Place 2 Brilliants 34,30
Best Product Innovation (cosmetically)
IONTO Health & Beauty GmbH Naturpflegelinie NATURE von SÜDA CARE Winner


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